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Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions for ceremonies. Virtually ALL questions can be answered by reviewing the different pages found at https://graduation.asu.edu/ or by checking with your college of special interest ceremony. Links for ceremonies can be viewed at https://graduation.asu.edu/ceremonies/latest

How do I "register" for my ceremony?

All students wanting to participate in one or more graduation events must complete an RSVP. Details about how to RSVP for ceremonies can be viewed HERE.

If I apply for graduation and pay my fees, am I registered to attend ceremonies?

Your application for graduation is processed via the Graduation Section of the University Registrar's OfficeThis is a separate process from providing your RSVP or registration to participate in graduation events. Details on how to RSVP to attend ceremonies can be viewed HERE.

Which ceremony should I attend?

Graduates are welcomed and encouraged to attend any and all graduation events that fit in their schedule and are available for their participation. For more information about the difference between commencement and convocation please click HERE.

What do I wear for graduation?

Students are required to wear caps, gowns and tassels when participating in the University Commencement Ceremony as well as any college convocation ceremony and most special interest convocation events. Information about caps and gowns as well as dates for Grad Fair can be viewed HERE.

How do I get tickets for graduation ceremonies?

Not all graduation ceremonies require tickets. Tickets are required for ceremonies held at Gammage Auditorium and most venues off of the ASU campus. Some graduation events in Wells Fargo Arena will require tickets. Please check with your college or special interest convocation contact for more information about tickets. A full list of ceremonies can be viewed HERE. Click on the link provided on the page for each college or special interest event for contact information. 

 At which ceremony will my name be read?

Doctoral candidates cross the stage and receive individual recognition at Graduate Commencement. Master degree candidates are hooded at Graduate Commencement but are not individually recognized and do not cross the stage. Students are individually recognized and cross the stage at college convocation and special interest convocation events. A full list of ceremonies can be viewed HERE.

I want to participate in graduation in a different semester. How do I do that?

In general, students are encouraged to attend graduation events in the semester in which they will complete their degrees. Priority is given to students participating in ceremonies in the semester in which they will complete their degree. Students wanting to participate in ceremonies after degree completion must make a formal request for each ceremony in which they wish to participate. College contact information can be found at the ceremony web page for each college or special interest convocation. A full list of ceremonies can be viewed HERE.  Students with more than 12 hours to complete for degree certification may not participate in graduation ceremonies. Doctoral candidates must meet all graduation requirements PRIOR to ceremony participation. For more information about the deadlines and procedures for graduate students, please click here.

Can I still attend if I registered for a ceremony and now I have a class that I will not complete?

Master degree and bachelor degree candidates: Your RSVP to attend any ceremony will not be removed once your registration is submitted. Doctoral candidates may be prevented from participating in ceremonies if all degree requirements are not met prior to the ceremony.

I have guests who want to watch the ceremony online. How can they do that?

Live webcasting is available for most ceremonies. Click here and scroll down to see the different ways you can view ceremonies online. 

What happens if I show up late for any ceremony?

It is recommended that you arrive 45 minutes before your ceremony is scheduled to begin. Most ceremonies require that students check-in and receive their reader card. This is the card that you hand to the reader before you cross the stage. If you arrive as the ceremony is beginning or after the event begins, you are not guaranteed a seat or that your name will be called. 

Do I need my ASU ID to get into the ceremony?

Wells Fargo Arena and other venues, have recently implemented more stringent policies for venue access. You should have your ASU ID or another state or federally issued ID with you in order to check-in for ceremonies and to access the ceremony venue. 

Do my guests need an ID to get into the ceremony?

Guests should be prepared to show a state or federally issued ID to access the ceremony venue. For events that require tickets, the ticket will be required to access the venue. 

PLEASE NOTE: Only graduates and working staff are permitted on the floor of the arena, the field at Sun Devil Stadium and specified locations at other venues.