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Commencement FAQ

Will there be in-person ceremonies?

Yes. ASU will celebrate graduates in-person the week of December 13, 2021. For a list of ceremonies please visit https://graduation.asu.edu/ceremonies/latest

Will there be convocation (college/school) ceremonies?

Yes. There will be in-person celebrations at the individual college level. The full list of ceremonies can be viewed at https://graduation.asu.edu/ceremonies/latest

Are face coverings required for students, staff and guests at graduation? 

Face coverings are strongly recommended at Commencement inside Sun Devil Stadium and in any crowded outdoor settings. For all indoor ceremonies, face coverings will be required.

Are students allowed to remove their face covering on the platform/stage (i.e. while receiving their diploma or taking their Grad Image photo)?

Graduates may remove their face covering while receiving a diploma and taking portrait photos with Grad Images. Signage will be placed to indicate when individuals may remove their face covering.

Will face coverings be required outside? 

Face coverings are not required, but are strongly recommended in crowded outdoor settings.

Are face coverings required at offsite convocation ceremonies?

Yes, face coverings are required at offsite convocation ceremonies.

Will students or guests need to be vaccinated to attend a ceremony? 

Vaccinations will not be required for students and guests to attend an on-campus ceremony. The university continues to recommend strongly that people get vaccinated. Greater rates of vaccination are the best tool available to reduce the rate of transmission in the community. Learn more at asu.edu/covid-vaccine.

I graduated in spring, summer of fall 2020/spring of 2021. Can I participate in future in-person celebrations?

Yes! Students who completed coursework in 2020 or May of 2021, may participate in December 2021 and future in-person celebrations. Click here to submit information. This link is for 2020 or spring 2021 graduates only. All information regarding ceremonies will be forwarded using your asu.edu email address.

August 2021 and December 2021 graduates WILL NOT BE REGISTERED if you click on the link above. August 2021 and December 2021 graduates MUST register using the link found on your My ASU Page.

You may register to participate in the college convocation event and University Undergraduate Commencement. You must register in order to have a registration/reader card available for pick up for your college convocation event. Students are not individually recognized at University Undergraduate Commencement so your general participation and an indication of the number of guests who will attend is all that is required.

Doctoral candidates are individually recognized and cross the stage at University Graduate Commencement so you will need to complete your registration to have a reader card available for Graduate Commencement.

Master degree candidates are eligible to participate in Graduate Commencement. Your general participation and an indication of the number of guests who will attend Graduate Commencement is all that is required. Master degree candidates will be individually hooded at this event but will not be individually recognized. Individual recognition (having your name called and crossing the stage) for master degree candidates will take place at the college convocation event.

Will there be special-interest ceremonies this December? 
Yes — special-interest events will be celebrated in-person. When you register to participate in other graduation events, you will have the opportunity to select the special-interest ceremony in which you would like to participate through the ceremony registration page.

If I don’t want to participate in any of the ceremonies, do I need to apply to graduate?
Yes. You must apply to graduate regardless of ceremony participation. For information on how to apply for graduation, visit https://students.asu.edu/registration/graduation-apply.

Do I need to register to participate in commencement or convocation (school/college ceremonies)?
Yes. It is necessary to register to participte in any in-person events. A link will be made available to you on your My ASU page. 

Are we allowed to visit campus to take graduation photographs?
Yes, but everyone is asked to practice physical distancing as much as possible. 

In addition, GradImages will be taking complimentary photos at each of ASU's campuses. For more information about photo dates, locations and links to register, please visit  https://graduation.asu.edu/ceremonies/memories  Graduates may register to take photos at any available campus location that is convienient. 

For another fun way to create virtual mementos, please visit https://graduation.asu.edu/get-social 
to view and download a number of graphics, Zoom backgrounds, social media filters and GIFs to help you celebrate your achievement.  

Do I need to participate in a ceremony to graduate?
No. If students choose not to take part in any ceremony and their university academic requirements are met, graduates will receive their diplomas in the mail.

How will I receive my diploma?
If your university academic requirements are met, you will receive your diploma in the mail. Diplomas are mailed approximately six to eight weeks after the degree conferral date. Graduates will receive an email notification via their ASU email account when their diploma has been mailed. Diplomas are mailed to the student's diploma mailing address, which can be viewed and updated from My ASU. For more information, visit https://students.asu.edu/diploma.

I am not participating in any graduation activities. How do I request my diploma case?
Graduates who do not plan to return for future graduation celebrations may request to have a diploma case mailed directly to them. You can request your diploma case by contacting your college.

CollegeDiploma case contact info
Barrett, The Honors Collegebarrettevents@asu.edu
Edson College of Nursing & Health Innovationmaria.pedregon@asu.edu
Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communicationcsevents@asu.edu
Herberger School for Design and the ArtsHerbergerGraduation@asu.edu
Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutionspublicserviceconvocation@asu.edu
College of Health Solutionshttps://chs.asu.edu/convocation
New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciencesncgraduation@asu.edu
Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineeringhttps://forms.gle/pSs14LLPkWrhbnpj9
College of Global FuturesCGFgraduation@asu.edu
The College of Liberal Arts and SciencesTheCollegeConvocation@asu.edu
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers Collegehttps://na.eventscloud.com/645283
W.P. Carey School of Businesswpcarey.convocation@asu.edu
Sandra Day O’Connor College of Lawcarolyn.landry@asu.edu
College of Integrative Sciences and Artshttps://cisa.asu.edu/graduation

How can I purchase a cap and gown? 

See http://colleges.herffjones.com/college/_arizonastate/ for information about graduation regalia.

The Fall 2021 Online Grad Fair will run from Friday, October 15 at 7 a.m. MST to Sunday, October 24 at 9 p.m. MST. Keep an eye on your inbox on Friday, Oct. 15 for the unique URL you will need to be able to access your discounted graduation packages.

You can purchase your graduation package online before Nov 15. Please note, after the Online Grad Fair, graduation packages will be full price. 

Commemorative maroon and gold tassels are also available. All items can be purchased via the Herff Jones online store.

For questions about the Online Grad Fair, you can email help@southwestgrad.com or call 480-219-3247. 

Don't want to wait? You can purchase your cap and gown at any Sun Devil Campus Store now. 

If I want to attend an in-person ceremony at a later time, will I still be able to purchase my graduation regalia?
Students can review the information on purchasing caps and gowns at bit.ly/asu-grad-wear. Students can purchase regalia anytime.

What if I have a question about graduation announcements?
Please email help@southwestgrad.com and the Herff Jones representatives will respond directly.

How do I get my honor cords?
Honor cords are for undergraduates who have earned at least 56 credit hours of resident credit at ASU. Your current GPA as verified at the time you request your honor cords will determine which cords you are given. For more information, visit https://students.asu.edu/graduation-ceremonies.

Pick up honor cords at any University Registrar Services location.

ASU Online Students: After you apply to graduate you will receive an email with additional information about honor cords and ceremonies. 

Why do we need to pay a graduation fee?
It's common for universities to have a fee associated with graduation. The graduation fee pays for items such as the diploma, diploma case and honor cords. The fee is paid at the time you apply for graduation.