Clear Bag Policy
Ceremonies held in Gammage Auditorium and Wells Fargo Arena have adopted the Clear Bag Policy

Graduation Ceremonies Mobile App

Announcing the Graduation Ceremonies App

Included in the latest version of the Devils on Campus App is the official Spring 2016 Graduation App. This simple-to-use resource provides helpful information about ASU's University Commencement and convocation ceremonies, and allows users to customize their attendance for a seamless graduation experience. Taking part in the tradition and fun of ASU graduation has never been easier.

Find and Follow Events

By making a few quick selections, users can follow specific graduation events and receive targeted and timely information the week of graduation including, ceremony updates, Twitter messages and more.

See all Graduation Events

Robust Custom Maps

In addition, the Spring Graduation 2016 offers helpful maps, parking locations, transportation resources, and access to the ASU Alumni Association.

Get Social

The app allows you to easily follow @asugraduation and stay up to date on all of the ASU graduation moments.

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